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Jennifer Lewis is SafeNet's Sr. Interactive Marketing Strategist, working towards improving SafeNet's search marketing programs for paid (PPC) and organic (SEO) and social media initiatives. Jennifer joined SafeNet's Interactive... read more »

Maureen Kolb is a Marketing and Corporate Communications Specialist for SafeNet.  Maureen works on various communications projects for SafeNet including managing SafeNet’s Social Media Program—keeping it current with... read more »

Andrew Younger has been involved with the Information Security industry in Australia for over 10 years, and has extensive experience in architecture, policy and compliance in the Information Security world. Andrew is a CISSP... read more »

Despite the small panic that The Register tried to create around the activation of DNSSEC, the Internet was not killed on May 5 nor did anything happened to any Internet end-station on July 15th when the Internet Root Zone was... read more »

I was speaking on a panel in Silicon Valley yesterday and the question was asked about who’s liable for data breaches in the cloud. I stated emphatically that you, the customer who placed the data there, was liable. To which... read more »

We'll be updating this blog to share the latest news and announcements.  We'll also share posts from our other blogs here that help you learn more about us. For more specific information on Data Protection,... read more »

Imagine you’re the facilities supervisor of a building that has thousands of offices, and you’re responsible for the keys for every office. You lose a key and a day’s productivity could be shot. Further, who can access the... read more »

Weekly Security News – September 16, 2010 View the latest threats here! read more »

In April 2009, I was designated to be one of SafeNet's representatives to the Key Management Interoperability Protocol Technical Committee.  I have to admit my first thought was "Oh great.  This ought to be... read more »

Sadly, when it comes to security breaches, the news keeps coming. Most recently, an article in CSO magazine revealed some of the details relating to the breach at Sprint. Nine former Sprint employees were charged with fraud and... read more »