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By Stephen Helm, Product Marketing, HSM The streets of Baltimore City taught me a harsh lesson last week. As I prepared to begin my commute to the SafeNet office in Belcamp, I discovered the contents of my glove box had been... read more »

This is a defining moment for SafeNet. Customers and the industry at large have been inundated with two years of talk and hype regarding “the cloud”. And while, everyone understands the importance of security to enabling... read more »

News flash -- the Cloud is coming. This is not news for anyone who attended the RSA Conference in San Francisco last week, where security firms of all shapes and sizes were on hand to discuss their solutions for cloud... read more »

You may be thinking that your data doesn’t move beyond your organization’s boundaries so it probably won’t be breached. Ask yourself these questions: 1) Does your company have a headquarters and a branch office? 2) Does... read more »

My son is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in less than two months, and as you may imagine my wife and I (the two “responsible adults” in the house) have been making numerous phone calls trying to organize the reception. So while... read more »

 We conclude the week with Cheryl's final stop in her trip to Europe: Jerusalem: November 10: Jerusalem  On Monday afternoon, I went to Jerusalem with some of the marketing team from the Tel Aviv office. It was a... read more »

Hello again from our travel diaries. Today, Cheryl takes us to Rome and the Trevi Fountain. November 9: Rome  Rome is fantastic. I arrived in the afternoon and spent the evening cooking and enjoying a meal with friends,... read more »

We continue Cheryl's travel journal today where she is in Milan: November 6: Milan My big silver bag made it to Milan before I did, so it was there waiting for me when I stepped off the plane. My meetings went right as... read more »

Today, we continue to chronicle Cheryl's Trip through Europe. Today, we visit Windsor, Amsterdam and Somewhere In Between: This morning I watched Obama accept the presidency and heard both Israel and Palestine express their... read more »

As we continue the month of February with your best travel stories, we are going to take this week to highlight Cheryl Barto's trip to Europe back in 2008. Today, we start with Windsor, England: November 4: Windsor,... read more »