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To our servicemen and women, to friends fallen, to veterans of previous generations who paved the way for peace on US soil: Thank You. Today, we remember your sacrifice. Have a wonderful Memorial Day. read more »

My brother works for the government and has a joking phrase about his job, “I’m with the government. I’m here to help. Now turn over all your books.” For most Audit/Compliance folks that I talk to, dealing with the use... read more »

Next Wednesday, Chris Holland, Vice President of Software Rights Management for SafeNet will present at the Software and Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) All About the Cloud Conference in San Francisco.... read more »

Isaac Asimov taught us that robots don’t kill people, incorrect logic kills people. Such is my take away from the latest spat of coverage on the implications of cloud outages. I have to admit to being a little nonplussed by... read more »

Security professionals are gossip hounds just as much as everyone else. While we haven’t been chatting about who would be designing Kate Middleton’s dress, we have been chatting about what happened to PlayStation last week.... read more »

The massive security breach of Sony’s PlayStation Network is yet another example of the vulnerability of our personal data. Over 77 million PSN users had their personal data, possibly including credit card numbers, exposed in... read more »