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By Vince Lee, Regional Manager, Australia/New Zealand, SafeNet With the newfound risk awareness that the RSA and Lockheed Martin breaches have raised, RSA’s SecureID customers across the region may be thinking, “why did we... read more »

Today, SafeNet announced that longtime executive Chris Fedde has been appointed President and CEO.  Starting his SafeNet career in 2001, Chris has been an integral part of the company’s leadership team and has been... read more »

Many different opinions out there regarding whether or not RSA SecureID customers should replace their tokens. Interesting piece by Dark Reading on that topic. It's clear that level of risk is an important consideration,... read more »

The 2011 Cloud Computing Expo in New York just wrapped up, fittingly with a deluge and lighting storm that just unleashed over New York, almost to the hour of the close of the show, as if the cloud were trying to declare its... read more »

Finished a second day of all cloud, all the time, at the Cloud Expo NY and I can tell you the rooms are packed. And hot.   Some observations from the last two days: MeatCloud and Cloud Management I had never heard the term... read more »

With Monday's announcement that RSA would replace the more than 40,000 compromised SecurID tokens, organizations are left in a quandry: Do I continue to trust RSA with my information? If I just replace the token, what... read more »

In an open letter, RSA chairman admitted that the data stolen from RSA back in March is responsible for the recent attacks on defense contractors.The breach caused disruptions in Lockheed Martin's remote access as they... read more »

Sony investigating another hack Sony has faced a torrid few weeks as its networks have become targets for hackers. Mike Smart, solutions director EMEA at SafeNet, said: “Whether the hack had happened or not, Sony has... read more »

Each year, SD Times creates a list of the top 100 leaders and influencers in the software industry - The SD Times 100. For the third year in a row, SafeNet has made the list in the Software Security category, as well as... read more »