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Maureen Kolb

Maureen Kolb is a Marketing and Corporate Communications Specialist for SafeNet. Maureen works on various communications projects for SafeNet including managing SafeNet’s Social Media Program—keeping it current with the latest news and interesting facts. Maureen also works on Local Sales Marketing (LSM) for a local owner/operator of 14 McDonald's franchises in the Maryland area. She works with local companies and schools to bring in business as well as ensuring marketing messages in the stores are in line with corporate marketing initiatives. Previously, Maureen worked 11 years for SafeNet in various roles in public relations, marketing, and corporate communications. Her last role before leaving SafeNet was Public Relations Manager, where she managed the company’s press release program, wrote all press releases and worked on financial releases as a public company. She also managed SafeNet’s European PR firm as well as submitted product reviews, award submissions, and speaking opportunities. On a personal level, Maureen is married with 2 children. She is an avid tennis player who competes in the United States Tennis Association (USTA) at a 4.5 rating, in addition to competing locally in Bel Air, Maryland. You can follow Maureen on Twitter @mkolbatsafenet, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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