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By Vince Lee, Regional Manager, Australia/New Zealand, SafeNet With the newfound risk awareness that the RSA and Lockheed Martin breaches have raised, RSA’s SecureID customers across the region may be thinking, “why did we... read more »

Many different opinions out there regarding whether or not RSA SecureID customers should replace their tokens. Interesting piece by Dark Reading on that topic. It's clear that level of risk is an important consideration,... read more »

Security professionals are gossip hounds just as much as everyone else. While we haven’t been chatting about who would be designing Kate Middleton’s dress, we have been chatting about what happened to PlayStation last week.... read more »

The massive security breach of Sony’s PlayStation Network is yet another example of the vulnerability of our personal data. Over 77 million PSN users had their personal data, possibly including credit card numbers, exposed in... read more »

Over the weekend, a disgruntled former employee of NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light, claimed he discovered a vulnerability in the Cisco security management software, and was able to hack into... read more »

There’s going to be lots said and launched at Infosecurity Europe. But, in the calm before the storm, here’s what we think will be some themes of the show. And despite having a little magic on our stand, we’re not... read more »

I identified with an article on - “CIOs looking for ways to say yes to the iPad in the enterprise” –which reflects the dilemmas IT departments are facing as more employees and executives bring their iPads into... read more »

In recent weeks, we have seen several attacks occur against organizations that have been renowned for security. It is not that these organizations were unsecure; rather it is that the face of the security playing field is... read more »

Have you tried to take a bottle of water through airport security? Not as simple as it used to be. It was the unsuccessful transatlantic plot that caused this extra security limitation. While the plot itself didn’t... read more »

One of the strongest trends we’re seeing over the past six months is a tightening link between mobile device usage and cloud–based services. The surge in smart mobile device adoption, from smart phones to tablets, means that... read more »