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You are invited to an online event series on Cloud Computing As a leading company focused on information security, SafeNet invites you to join us for a special online event series on data security in the Cloud. Here’s just a... read more »

There is a widely held myth that using private clouds alleviates all the security concerns that come with the public cloud. While private clouds are a great way to get your feet wet in the cloud and do greatly help manage risk,... read more »

By Vince Lee, Regional Manager, Australia/New Zealand, SafeNet With the newfound risk awareness that the RSA and Lockheed Martin breaches have raised, RSA’s SecureID customers across the region may be thinking, “why did we... read more »

The 2011 Cloud Computing Expo in New York just wrapped up, fittingly with a deluge and lighting storm that just unleashed over New York, almost to the hour of the close of the show, as if the cloud were trying to declare its... read more »

My brother works for the government and has a joking phrase about his job, “I’m with the government. I’m here to help. Now turn over all your books.” For most Audit/Compliance folks that I talk to, dealing with the use... read more »

The massive security breach of Sony’s PlayStation Network is yet another example of the vulnerability of our personal data. Over 77 million PSN users had their personal data, possibly including credit card numbers, exposed in... read more »

Yesterday I had the chance to present and speak at an ISSA chapter event in Dallas, TX. Attendance was good; we had about 70 folks from the ISSA group, which I’m told it about the full group. I speak on a regular basis, many of... read more »

There’s going to be lots said and launched at Infosecurity Europe. But, in the calm before the storm, here’s what we think will be some themes of the show. And despite having a little magic on our stand, we’re not... read more »

In today’s economy, every cent counts. Companies have to keep a close eye on budgets, looking for any area to cut costs in an effort to preserve funds. With this being the case, why would companies spend 50% more than they have... read more »

When regulatory compliance dictates, specific industries proactively plan for protection. The plan 'bleeds' into other data (PCI into PII for example). When I spend time with industries that 'straddle' the... read more »