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Security professionals are gossip hounds just as much as everyone else. While we haven’t been chatting about who would be designing Kate Middleton’s dress, we have been chatting about what happened to PlayStation last week.... read more »

The massive security breach of Sony’s PlayStation Network is yet another example of the vulnerability of our personal data. Over 77 million PSN users had their personal data, possibly including credit card numbers, exposed in... read more »

Yesterday I had the chance to present and speak at an ISSA chapter event in Dallas, TX. Attendance was good; we had about 70 folks from the ISSA group, which I’m told it about the full group. I speak on a regular basis, many of... read more »

Over the weekend, a disgruntled former employee of NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light, claimed he discovered a vulnerability in the Cisco security management software, and was able to hack into... read more »

There’s going to be lots said and launched at Infosecurity Europe. But, in the calm before the storm, here’s what we think will be some themes of the show. And despite having a little magic on our stand, we’re not... read more »

In today’s economy, every cent counts. Companies have to keep a close eye on budgets, looking for any area to cut costs in an effort to preserve funds. With this being the case, why would companies spend 50% more than they have... read more »

For years now, journalists, analysts, vendors, and pretty much everyone else in the tech industry have been singing the praises of the cloud, touting such benefits as cost savings, enhanced service levels, unprecedented agility,... read more »

By Alison Maine Demand for bandwidth is outpacing supply, driven by the convergence of data, voice, video, and virtualization and the fact that many new applications rely on strict network performance. To meet this demand and to... read more »

By Stephen Helm, Product Marketing, HSM The streets of Baltimore City taught me a harsh lesson last week. As I prepared to begin my commute to the SafeNet office in Belcamp, I discovered the contents of my glove box had been... read more »

News flash -- the Cloud is coming. This is not news for anyone who attended the RSA Conference in San Francisco last week, where security firms of all shapes and sizes were on hand to discuss their solutions for cloud... read more »