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Over the weekend, a disgruntled former employee of NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light, claimed he discovered a vulnerability in the Cisco security management software, and was able to hack into... read more »

There’s going to be lots said and launched at Infosecurity Europe. But, in the calm before the storm, here’s what we think will be some themes of the show. And despite having a little magic on our stand, we’re not... read more »

In recent weeks, we have seen several attacks occur against organizations that have been renowned for security. It is not that these organizations were unsecure; rather it is that the face of the security playing field is... read more »

The U.K.-based Sky News just released an investigative report uncovering an electricity key scam, netting criminals millions of pounds. Based on their report, 125,000 people purchased illegal “top-ups” for their meters from... read more »

By Stephen Helm, Product Marketing, HSM The streets of Baltimore City taught me a harsh lesson last week. As I prepared to begin my commute to the SafeNet office in Belcamp, I discovered the contents of my glove box had been... read more »

News flash -- the Cloud is coming. This is not news for anyone who attended the RSA Conference in San Francisco last week, where security firms of all shapes and sizes were on hand to discuss their solutions for cloud... read more »

In a recent article published in Healthcare Information and Security, SafeNet's Derek Tumulak spoke with the editor regarding a recent consumer survey conducted in North America. The survey found that only 50% of Americans... read more »

In the recent post, “Ember Needs A Wake-Up Call From The CIA,” the author, Jeffery Carr, exposes the security vulnerabilities of the wireless communication protocol ZigBee that is commonly used in semiconductor chips found in... read more »

A timely discussion in an SC Magazine article this week comments on how the Zeus Trojan has changed the way the public views threats to online banking. Indeed, there is little doubt that the sharp spike in malware last year, and... read more »

By Steve Helm The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission revealed the other week that for at least 18 minutes in April 2010 a significant portion of Internet traffic was hijacked and rerouted through China Telecom, one... read more »