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Over the weekend, a disgruntled former employee of NextEra Energy Resources, a subsidiary of Florida Power & Light, claimed he discovered a vulnerability in the Cisco security management software, and was able to hack into... read more »

I identified with an article on - “CIOs looking for ways to say yes to the iPad in the enterprise” –which reflects the dilemmas IT departments are facing as more employees and executives bring their iPads into... read more »

By Alison Maine Demand for bandwidth is outpacing supply, driven by the convergence of data, voice, video, and virtualization and the fact that many new applications rely on strict network performance. To meet this demand and to... read more »

One of the strongest trends we’re seeing over the past six months is a tightening link between mobile device usage and cloud–based services. The surge in smart mobile device adoption, from smart phones to tablets, means that... read more »

Been to the doctor lately? Could your medical information have been exposed on your recent visit to the emergency room? Now that you are feeling ill, consider the UK doctor who saved his patients’ details on an unencrypted... read more »

The U.K.-based Sky News just released an investigative report uncovering an electricity key scam, netting criminals millions of pounds. Based on their report, 125,000 people purchased illegal “top-ups” for their meters from... read more »

By Stephen Helm, Product Marketing, HSM The streets of Baltimore City taught me a harsh lesson last week. As I prepared to begin my commute to the SafeNet office in Belcamp, I discovered the contents of my glove box had been... read more »

News flash -- the Cloud is coming. This is not news for anyone who attended the RSA Conference in San Francisco last week, where security firms of all shapes and sizes were on hand to discuss their solutions for cloud... read more »

My son is celebrating his Bar Mitzvah in less than two months, and as you may imagine my wife and I (the two “responsible adults” in the house) have been making numerous phone calls trying to organize the reception. So while... read more »

On Wednesday the 1st of December, the IEEE 1619 Group voted to disband the 1619.3 Key Management Standard effort. This may be disappointing for the few committed individuals that put a lot of work into this standard, but the... read more »