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"Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” Steve Jobs, Wired, February 1996 read more »

Michelle Nerlinger talks about SafeNet's software monetization solutions for cloud providers, part of the latest campaign she calls "Let's do it in the cloud!" Also - we still need your "SaaS" tshirt photos! Post them on our... read more »

We have all experienced at one time or another, a phone call from a less than tech savvy relative asking "Is this email from a Turkish prince / long lost relative something I should worry about?"  Could it be the... read more »

Chris EnseyDirector of Government Solutions Chris Ensey is the Director of Government Solutions at SafeNet, leading our Federal market strategy and the development of integrated solutions to protect government organizations.... read more »

SafeNet is the first to give you the ability to manage corporate-owned assets and consumer mobile devices on a single platform. For the first time, IT departments can answer noisy demands to allow consumer mobile device on the... read more »

As with all big events (remember the Royal Wedding & Osama bin Laden back in May), the final installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise is stirring up cybercriminals looking for quick access to personal data. Scams for... read more »

Finished a second day of all cloud, all the time, at the Cloud Expo NY and I can tell you the rooms are packed. And hot.   Some observations from the last two days: MeatCloud and Cloud Management I had never heard the term... read more »

With Monday's announcement that RSA would replace the more than 40,000 compromised SecurID tokens, organizations are left in a quandry: Do I continue to trust RSA with my information? If I just replace the token, what... read more »

In an open letter, RSA chairman admitted that the data stolen from RSA back in March is responsible for the recent attacks on defense contractors.The breach caused disruptions in Lockheed Martin's remote access as they... read more »

Isaac Asimov taught us that robots don’t kill people, incorrect logic kills people. Such is my take away from the latest spat of coverage on the implications of cloud outages. I have to admit to being a little nonplussed by... read more »