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SafeNet's Rinat Goldman gives back to his community by volunteering at a local hospital in Israel, assisting people who are sick with cancer. I am thankful for my amazing relationship and our little baby girl who is due on... read more »

This was the battle field. I know it looks like Jupiter with one of its moons, or an image from a sci-fi movie. You look at the image and just wait for a space shuttle to land and for Captain Kirk to show up. But this is not an... read more »

Ryan Galloway, an Accounting Manager for SafeNet, didn’t know what to expect when he got the news that his mother had breast cancer—he admittedly says he was unfamiliar with cancer and what it could do to his mother and how... read more »

Vincenzo Busciglio was the EMEA Payroll and AP manager for SafeNet’s UK Office from 2005 to February of 2010, when he passed away from cancer. Fondly called Enzo, he was only 42 years old when he lost his life and left SafeNet... read more »

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