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You are invited to an online event series on Cloud Computing As a leading company focused on information security, SafeNet invites you to join us for a special online event series on data security in the Cloud. Here’s just a... read more »

      We know you've been thinking about it.  You've been just a little unsure if you're ready to doit in the cloud.  You might think the cloud is just for the big players and doing it there is... read more »

There is a widely held myth that using private clouds alleviates all the security concerns that come with the public cloud. While private clouds are a great way to get your feet wet in the cloud and do greatly help manage risk,... read more »

Yesterday I had the chance to present and speak at an ISSA chapter event in Dallas, TX. Attendance was good; we had about 70 folks from the ISSA group, which I’m told it about the full group. I speak on a regular basis, many of... read more »

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