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I would like to devote more attention to my family. I am resolving to collect everyone's birthdays and addresses to send a card of appreciation and/or happy birthday this year.    Danielle CotterSenior... read more »

I am thankful for being employed and being able to support my family, especially in these dismal economic times where so many people are losing their homes and livelihoods.  At SafeNet, I am thankful for my... read more »

This year, I am thankful for the health of my family. I work with Habitat for Humanity, helping my local community and businesses coordinate building homes for the less fortunate. At SafeNet, I am thankful for my coworkers,... read more »

This year, I am thankful for... My famility, who are all healthy and well.My partner, who takes care of us and makes sure that all is happy.My kids, who bring joy to my life. Mickey Avram   Director of Technical... read more »

This year, I am thankful for: The clarity in knowing how very fortunate I am to have the inseparable bond, love, and relationship with my family. The joy and honor I have in working with my second family, who I see more than my... read more »

This year, I am thankful for employment with a great, forward-thinking company, and family and friends that are very supportive. I coach the Interior Youth Basketball (IYB) AAU Basketball team for boys and girls ages 9-17 in... read more »

   Elena Maggiore  Receptionist, Chicago, IL USA Elena Maggiore was the beloved receptionist, and overall office “ mother,” for SafeNet’s Chicago office. Since 2003, Elena had been taking care of the... read more »

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