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Cheryl Barto Shoults interviews Theresa Damato, one of CRN’s Women of the Channel in 2011 Cheryl Barto Shoults: How do you feel after being named one of the most influential women in the channel? Theresa Damato: It’s... read more »

Today, SafeNet announced that longtime executive Chris Fedde has been appointed President and CEO.  Starting his SafeNet career in 2001, Chris has been an integral part of the company’s leadership team and has been... read more »

Next Wednesday, Chris Holland, Vice President of Software Rights Management for SafeNet will present at the Software and Information Industry Association’s (SIIA) All About the Cloud Conference in San Francisco.... read more »

Sage Switzerland, a leading global supplier of business management software for Customer Registration Management, Human Resources, and Payroll applications, has chosen to standardize all of their software licensing functions with... read more »

Hasn’t everyone experienced a language barrier at least once in their lives? Have you lived to laugh about it? SafeNet’s Amanda Curtis, Public Relations Specialist, traveled abroad with her husband, Rob, to Italy with some... read more »

Kathryn traveled to Europe with her father and I think this is a perfect travel article as we ponder what has happened in Japan-what will remain thousands of years from now and will we have somewhat of an impact on our future... read more »

Today, SafeNet announced its Sentinel Cloud Services-the indsustry's first complete software licensing and entitlement management solution delivered from the Cloud for the Cloud. Sentinel Cloud Services is based on 25 years... read more »

 We conclude the week with Cheryl's final stop in her trip to Europe: Jerusalem: November 10: Jerusalem  On Monday afternoon, I went to Jerusalem with some of the marketing team from the Tel Aviv office. It was a... read more »

Hello again from our travel diaries. Today, Cheryl takes us to Rome and the Trevi Fountain. November 9: Rome  Rome is fantastic. I arrived in the afternoon and spent the evening cooking and enjoying a meal with friends,... read more »

As we continue the month of February with your best travel stories, we are going to take this week to highlight Cheryl Barto's trip to Europe back in 2008. Today, we start with Windsor, England: November 4: Windsor,... read more »

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