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SafeNet's Rinat Goldman gives back to his community by volunteering at a local hospital in Israel, assisting people who are sick with cancer. I am thankful for my amazing relationship and our little baby girl who is due on... read more »

This year, I am thankful for... My girlfriend saying "Yes" and "I do" to two important questions asked only 30 minutes apart. I am a volunteer with Open Heart Magic (OHM).  We are a group of volunteers... read more »

This year, I am thankful for my new job and newfound friends at Safenet. Above all, I am thankful for my beautiful family. I volunteer within the local deaf community, and at the same time I am learning British Sign Langauge. The... read more »

This month, we asked SafeNet employees to tell us what they are thankful for, and how they are giving back to their communities. 73 percent responded that they volunteer. They are soccer and little league baseball coaches. They... read more »

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